2 Weeks of absence

Sorry guys, I have been slacking on updating the journal since 2 weeks ago, its year end and yet there are 1 or 2 projects that i need to handle right now. While everyone seem to be going on holiday or clearing their annual leave.

Sometimes i just wish i can take a whole week of for myself so that i could do the things i like.

I like playing games and sitting on the couch all day long. (I'm joking.............don't judged).

speaking of games, one of the reason for not having time is because of this one game that i have been playing for these past 2 weeks.

Age of Empire 3 Definitive edition.

i know this a an old classic game that has been remake to give it a little bit of a moderny taste. ( I know moderny is not a word)

but this game for some reason, still able to capture my attention after all these years. I'm a big RTS fan, I have played a lot of RTS. basically almost all RTS game that is well known or popular and some of the non-popular one. The most being StarCraft 2, and in my opinion, is the best, its a shamed that as of right now, its not being appreciated as much compare to a long time ago. I still remember the moment where i just sit on my laptop all day long. trying to figure out strategy and improving my APM.

RTS can sometimes that a very long time per mission, if you are doing story mission. but still, I was hooked to it. like a donkey chasing after a carrot on a stick. I don't even know why, I know I have a lot of stuff to do, but yet i choose the most time consuming game of all. and let me tell you, I didn't even rush the mission, just casually playing it on my own speed.

it just intrigued me, what if I do that, or what if I build this. sometimes I stick to one strategy, and often I always try to create something. like training 100 archers to test it out and try to win the game.

So, to be honest, i think its not my fault that i don't have even time to use, its because the game. its because of their game development, design, mechanic. that got me hooked up,  anyways its because of their fault. Period.

On an another note, Christmas is coming. me and my friends have planned a little gift exchange session in an Italian restaurant. I'm actually still thinking of a way to randomly exchange present among ourselves, how can i make sure that we don't get back the present we are giving.

so you know, we don't just give ourselves the same present we intended to give it to the others.

Its like giving a like to yourself.

So that's one of the problem, there is thing about creating something for YouTube. as well, still have not figure out what do i need. i want something that's has a bit of Christmas flavor or spirit in it. something that i can do with my current level of skills of course. and something that is strange....Hmmmm

i think that's it for now guys, I know its a bit longer than usual, but hey i haven't posted anything for 2 weeks, so I have a lot to share.

Going off. later guys.