2nd Vaccine Shot

Hey guys, IT’S BEEN A WHILE.

Just got my vaccine shots 2 days ago, and it was better than I thought. Way better than the first time. So far, I did not have any other symptoms other than feeling tired, though I’m not sure whether that’s the vaccine or something else. You know, at first, I doubted whether I had received a fake vaccine or not, because there was not anything special happening on my 2nd shot. But then, on the 2ndday, I felt soreness on my arm, and I thought I have probably received an authentic vaccine and not an empty shot or maybe some other type of vaccine.

It kind of clear my doubt, I did went on to check whether I could do a test on my vaccine count or something similar but so far, there isn’t one reliable test that could really test whether my vaccine is working or not. I guess I just have to trust it for now…. I’m grateful for my body not having any side effects though. so far……

On another note, my animation project is going well so far, expecting to post my first animation video on YouTube next week. but man, do I have to tell you. I spend almost 1 week to learn the software then animate the video.

Can you guess my video duration? Its about a MINUTE & A HALF!

What the heck… so much work for a minute and a half video…being an animator is hard…. Though its my first week. we will how it goes in the future… hopefully I’m able to work out something…I wonder how did those animators on YouTube managed to animate 8-to-10-minute video with great animations and still be able to consistently upload to YouTube.

It’s certainly it’s not easy, I will tell you that. I recommend that unless you really have a passion for it, do not choose the route of animations. Its really not easy. Even though you know what you are doing, it still takes a significant amount of time to create a video about animations. Good quality video I mean.

On another, another note, I did buy 1 more drawing tablet for house and office use. That way I can work both ways and hopefully that will increase my work productivity.

I’m thinking whether I should do a tech review on my website? Be kind of fun to do something like that right? I have never tried it before, maybe I should try it, and hopefully I’m able to at least help you guys to let you all know about my experience of a certain tech.

And thatssss it for the log, 2 important highlights of my week. Definitely better than the last one…..