80.33333% in Year 2021

Wewwww..... time flies.

before you know it, its the end of 2021. which mean, holiday seasons is almost here and time for a new resolution in 2022. i know, its a bit early to talk about 2022. but hey...before you know it. 2023 is here.

Im not sure whether you guys heard about it or not, but there is a new variant of covid. which is called omicron and to be honest... i dont really care about it anymore. there is a new variant every now and then. if it keeps going at this rate, 10 years later. there will be a whole bunch of variant like the original 151 pokemon collection or something.

what im concern about its the lockdown,

lockdown means that the economy is not going to do well, cost will be rising... etc and well.... it means i need to earn even more money. sigh

when will it end?... i just want to live a comfortable life with a decent living standards... not having to worry about money. Maybe have 1 or 2 small achievement before i die. and move on the the next world.

see. simple enough right. i a man of no great ambition.

plus these past few weeks i kind of procrastinate a lot. been dragging my YouTube video... i told myself to give myself 2 weeks per animation video but the 2 weeks time is almost up and i still left maybe like 20%? of it.

Time is ticking....*insert panic mode*

so, what else could i talk about right now?

i went to a small holiday trip with my spouse. its just a domestic holiday trip. nothing fancy, she went to look for her sister while i went to do a bit of work and then spend most of my time in the hotel. it was nice, being alone in the hotel once in a while.

Watch arcane, on Netflix. Arcane is a TV show based on the game league of legends.  i honestly didn't expect it to be this good. usually when they do a video game to a tv show adaptation. Most of the time the result is pretty disappointing. but Arcane, really got me. the design, the story. i just wished its longer. there are tons of story yet to be told, a lot of cities/race to be covered in the world of League of legends.

the post syndrome of watching a good tv show. you will feel the emptiness inside. well, there wont be a season 2 in 2022... so ya...nothing i can do about it..

i think thats pretty much is it. See you guys around.