Hey guys-

For those who are new to this site, I’m Adrian.
For those who came back. It’s been a while!

Started this website with the intention of sharing my work, my hobbies, some financial and life advice and perhaps my journey in life for all of you. Other than that, I’m just a humble guy.

FYI – I do have a YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Though I’m not as active on Facebook and Instagram. Just started learning about TikTok though.

My current project;

  1. growing my YouTube channel.
  2. leaning C# to build a game
  3. read more books
  4. be in a better shape, After all health is wealth. Though wealth might be equally or maybe just a bit less important than health.

Life journey timeline

  1. started out being a major in business admin, minor in economics and specialized in HR. But then realize that other than the financial courses I have taken, the others are not that helpful in life.
  2. Work a while in the finance industry, then as an organizer in an international company. Finally settled down in the advertising industry. While still being active as a trader
  3. Learn coding during my free time and gaming of course, bit by bit I’m closer to the goal of releasing a game, HOWEVER, Coding is harder than I thought though so I’m definitely taking my time (so far).

Get in touch

  1. I do replies Twitter & Instagram, please do contact me @mradriangan if you have a short question or message and I will try my best to reply the soonest
  2. I replies email as well but I usually just check them on the morning then I will move on to other tasks.