Hello humans,

This is not a good week for me!

Too many things going wrong at too many times, economy getting better and the traffic is getting worse, there are too many traffic jams going on, I guess that’s the price to pay to live in a big city and as a sign that the economy is getting active. Right?

On my part, work has been getting busy and few projects are starting to pop out here and there. So, I have only posted 1 YouTube video for this week only…. I know…less than ideal. I have to find a way to slot in my content making schedule so that I can at least post 2 video per week.

What else is wrong this week, well… my vaccination center which I’m going to take my vaccine next week at a location near me is changing its location. Which requires me to drive longer distance, *sigh* people told me that talking a second dose might cause fever, I wonder if that’s true or not…it will definitely hinder my work progress if by any means I have some kind of health issues. I just hope that I’m at least ok and able to work on my projects even if I have a fever or something else.

I also had an argument this week…totally not a good week… everything’s just not working right for me, the only thing that I’m happy about, is the new Witcher animation movie on Netflix, I watched and I think its great. Makes me want to play the Witcher game again. And I did play a bit, very nostalgic indeed. But I did kind of noticed my PC performance is not up to par anymore, I’m thinking of changing to a new PC next year. I had been using this PC for about 8 years now I think, maybe it’s about time I changed to a better one. FYI, I build this PC using my own hand! And I bought custom parts and I learn to build it. it was fun, maybe I should build a newer one, this time I will record the process!

Oh well, I guess this is about it for this week. I do hope you guys have a better week than mine.

Life is all about up and down, isn’t it?