First Week - Decision, decision.

Hey guys!

It’s been a week since my first journal, I have decided to keep updating one journal one week at a time, highlighting the things that happened in my life for this week. I have started my YouTube Channel last week called – Mr Adrian Gan. Hoping to reach more people with the help of YouTube or other social media. Its growing ok so far, I think. About 1 subscriber per day. Which I’m quite happy actually, I plan to post more on my YouTube channel in the future, if any of you guys want to hear my not so impressive voice. You guys can subscribe to my channel.

One of the things that I’m not that fond of is my channel is the recording quality, I definitely have to improve in terms of that. So, I will make a note over here and hopefully the audio is a little bit better next time. I think it might be my surroundings, its very hard to get a quite place in a big city nowadays, there are sound pollutions everywhere.

Oh well, definitely have to keep looking for ways to improve it.

Also, this week I have registered the vaccine for Covid, there is no confirmation of appointment yet though and from what I gather, this month, walk in will be open for those who have not receive any appointment. I might go and have a look, if there are a lot of people and long waiting time. I might as well go another time, don’t want to be in a cluster while trying to get vaccinated.

On a side note, the stocks that I’m holding has a positive net profit. I’m still hesitating whether I should take profit for now or hold on to it, as I believe it has good potential in the long term but I might have to hold it for a while before it gains any traction. If I sell now, I can reinvest my profit. Decision, decision.

I have been slacking off in my exercise as well, I have to get on track next week. There is a lot of ground to cover for the first week of my channel. I have to look for ways to promote it and the YouTube algorithm god has not yet bless my channel. There are definitely ups and down about it, but I’m learning and I’m committed to growing my audience. my target is to reach 1k subscriber within a year. Whether or not I can accomplish this feat, we will have to see.

You know, I have been exercising using my Switch right now. Maybe I should try to improve my exercise workload by getting some dumbbells and doing actual gym-grade exercise. I definitely have to reschedule my time though if I’m committed to it, with the all the YouTube thing going on. Decision, decision.

Anyways, that’s all for this post. Don’t want to drag on and on about it. I’m actually looking forward what will happen a year later. Can I managed to accomplish the things that I said I would in this post? Time will tell. Ok, see you guys around and have a great day!