Forgot to update about this....

Hey guys, it’s been a while,

First of all, I want to apologize for this week update, the truth is I forgot about it….

Was working on my next project, next video, plus you know just some work stuff…. alright alright, enough with the excuses.

I’m kind of in a dilemma about my YouTube category, on one hand I’m doing animation work, but on the other hand, I’m kind of providing personal finance knowledge or thoughts to the public. And there 2 categories that I must choose. From film and animation OR education?

So, which one is it? on a second thought, does it really matter to YouTube? If any of you guys know maybe you can enlighten me.

I got a new drawing tablet!

It’s called a HUION Inspiroy Ink H320M, I will do a tech review after a month of use. just to see whether there is any problem or not and whether its reliable or not even after a month of use.

But 1 thing I can say for sure, is I feel like the pressure, or the feel of drawing itself somehow feel different from a Wacom tablet. Somehow, the Wacom tablet feel better at drawing, and of course comparing them in about the same price range. But more on that next time.

You know, sometimes when I use this kind of tablet. I asked myself, do I even need to use those tablets? I’m basically just doodling my art. I doodle a lot during my free time. but nothing worthy, its just some faces, some cool swords design or strange weapon design. At least at that moment I thought it was kind of cool. I don’t think those can be called arts anyways.

Other than my now YouTube animation video, I don’t have much use for those tablets. And I think so far, my YouTube video art are very simple, I think I can achieve it even without those tablets. But I still want some new toys to play with (lol). They are not expensive. But it just feels like it gets me into the mood you know.

I told myself, if I somehow managed to earn at least some money on my hobby I will get those big drawing screen table tablet and make good use of it. I will buy it just to watch Netflix. (I’m obviously joking, what a waste of money)

But hey, that’s only if someday I managed to earn some money from this hobby of mine. If not, I probably won’t get it, as there is no need for that anyways…

Alright I think that’s it for now about this week highlights. I’m just enjoying my new toy now, if you are interested you can always watch one of my YouTube videos.

See you guys around!