I have been trying to get active and i did actually but now it has come to a point where i think i might have just overdid it.

I have so many ideas and direction that i want to go, but not enough resources and time to attend to it. sometimes i wonder if i should just not think too much about it and just straight ahead go for it.

but on a second thought, that is kind of a time wasting thing right? right?

sometimes i have this thing where i sometimes overcomplicate stuff, but i believe it does provide quite a lot of benefits comparing to the cons of it.

it actually helps me quite a number of times and save me a lot of disappointment issues as well. so you tell me. whether its a good thing or not....

And now you might be wondering, what ideas am i having that is so great that i have to write about it on here.

well, my friends. to be put it simply. is the idea of life. my life to be exact, idea on how to proceed with life, what to do, what do i want to create, what do i need, and which direction/styles should i go?

I do have some ideas of it, but now it has come to a point where i have too much! the possibilities, unfortunately I'm not a vampire who can live forever and takes things slow.

Some ask me what is my resolution for year 2022, but i told them i have none. because I was already planning my resolution way before the start of year 2022. If someone ask me again about my resolution, i will probably say, i want to do everything and try everything that i can come up with, some of you might think that's a bit unrealistic. we will see though... I have been told that I'm currently having a quarter life crisis? I don't feel like it though.

You guys tell me.