Its year 2022 - FIRST!

First! Post of 2022,

Been missing in action for quite some time now, things always happened at the unexpected moment.

And I thought I would have smooth ride into 2022 while just minding my own stuff. but life doesn’t work this way, I guess.

One thing that I want to mentioned is Pineapple.

it is a very strange fruit.

Its impressively versatile, I mean, you can cook with it, eat it raw, put it in a yogurt, blend it into a smoothie or you can even sprinkle it on top of the pizza. SEE!

There are so many things to do with pineapple, I don’t know why I need to say this out loud on the internet but meh I just feel like it. just want to let some of you guys know that pineapple is indeed very versatile. So keep some in your kitchen.

Disclaimer: definitely not sponsor by some pineapple company.

Unfortunately though, our country has just been hit by an inflation wave, so things will be getting more expensive, heck even my local food café has increased its price by 25%! I mean like…come on…

I understand that businesses have to react, adjust and adapt to the increasing cost of the materials but 25% still feel a bit expensive, to what I assume ,for me. Is a simple meal. Just a meal to get you through your lunch time , nothing fancy.

still, I will most probably eat something else on their menu. Definitely, not the food that has been increased by 25%. But hey, if worst come to worst. I will just make my own breakfast and lunch.

I could polish my cooking skills and save money at the same time. 2 birds with one stone. And healthier as well. make that 3 birds with one stone.

Though I have to get rid of my laziness first…. Preparing breakfast and lunch might sound simple but for someone who doesn’t have this kind of habit. it will be hard, I will have to mentally prepare myself and get into the habit of it.

I must show some real commitment and really be serious about it. maybe one day I will let you guys know the progress.

Maybe I could work out a deal with the restaurant owner? I have been a loyal customer for a very long time. maybe I could ask for less food? Maybe I could ask them to prepare a meal just for me to match my given budget? Who knows, we will see.

One last thing. This is the year that I will be getting married!,im happy for it! I mean….finally….we have been living and be together for like…forever.  but at the same time im a bit sad, because that means I have to fork out additional money…and wedding is not cheap nowadays. So…Yay?

With all the ceremonies…and stuff.. i just want to skip to the honeymoon part where I can just relax with my wife and eat buffet for 3 meals a day. And sleep and watch TV and do my own things, she can do her own things, in the same room and maybe throw in a bath bomb into the bathtub.

Because our house doesn’t have a bathtub and having a bathtub is a hazard thing for me. So nope.

All the horror movies have a bathtub scene, either you will be disturbed by some supernatural entity or something horrifying will happened. So I have already been warned, it’s a sign.

Plus. It really takes up a lot of space and it will be hard to maintain.

Well I think that’s it for this time.

will just be on my way to the future.