Just another week

Hey guys, its been a while.

and my highlights of this week is.................

nothing, ya. you read that right. Nothing is really going on right now. its the same old routine that i follow just like every other week.

Things have started to get busy again, so i guess that's a good sign for the economy. but that means that i have to work even harder on my YouTube channels. because you know, due to the limited time and me procrastinating, i recently gone back into a bit of gaming, so ya.. maybe that's why. but hey, i don't regret it, because its fun. but still there are things that i must get it done. this is just one of those lazy and unproductive moments i suppose....

on a totally unrelated notes, i found a broken unused iPad pro 1st generation from my youngest brother. its not really broken, just the screen crack and i have to get it to fix it. and i will tell you now that getting a repair for apple products is not cheap. so that good care of them, or else your money will fly away, just like that.

here is the broken iPad pro.

planning to get it fix so that I could use it as a drawing tablet.

that's all for now, all the best.