Mid of October 2021

I cant sleep, so was just wondering who else is awake in the middle of the night?

Have you ever wonder sometimes some ideas or thoughts will just pop up strangely at the middle of the night. I mean, you have all day and all the time and moment during the day, but for some god forsaken reason, you just want to think about stuff at night. Just thoughts and ideas popping up here and there. Sometimes its happy stuff, sometimes its totally random stuff and sometimes depressing stuff.

By stuff, I mean thoughts and ideas... I like to say stuff for some reason. probably because stuff can vaguely means a lot of thing.

been a stressful couple of days, work related. but not really work related? I mean, I'm ok with doing the work, but on the client side. it can be really troublesome and demanding. I have this one client. I thought I have seen it all, but man let me tell you guys. One of the most difficult client I have to deal with so far. especially on the decision making side, most of the times is really just unnecessary, they mostly do it just to impress their bosses. Basically, just to save their butt and make their butt look better in front of the senior bosses. Its really inefficient, not to mention troublesome to us, as a vendor, supplier or contractor. compare to last time when decision making and the way things work are more flexible. Sometimes when you get a troublesome management, its all about the people and the way they do things.

Well, what to do, they are our client and my boss cant afford to lose this client. So no choice but to suck it up, move on and be better next time. Maybe its time i change my career path. more on that next time.

Ok....so i have finished my rant, this week post is a bit long. so if you read all the way to here. Thanks! for listening to me ranting! Cheers. Haha.

Anyways, i have a new pet to play. by pet i mean i have a smart vacuum bot. nothing organic as i already 2 cats in my house an 2 cats are definitely enough. we had a talk about having 3 cats but i said no no. At least not until we move to a bigger place.

Man, i do like sidetrack from stuff this time don't i... my smart vacuum bot, stay tuned for the review. Definitely will talk more about that. Here is some pics of the robot if you guys are wondering which one i bought. I bought the Roborock S7.

Roborock S7

Alright that is it for this week. Hope you guys have a better week than me. Good night. Till next time.