Motivation down down down

People says there are ups and down in life, while that is true. But I somehow feel like the “downs” moment are way longer than the “Ups” moments.  Do anyone of you sometimes wonder about that?

Now the question as to why I feel like because for some reason I just don’t feel like doing anything other than lie down, play games and lie down again… but…unfortunately I don’t have the luxury to do that…

A guy gotta work you know. No work, No Money…

Oh ya..and doodling..

Did I tell you guys about that new toys I just bought? Oh arrived sometimes last week and have been playing with it since. It’s a drawing display. I bought XP Pen one though. Originally I wanted to buy the Wacom one.

XP Pen - Artist Pro 16 Pen display

But after much comparison and research. I figure for about the same price. XP pen offers much more functionality. As the quality so far, i feel like its better than my drawing tablet. Can’t say much about Wacom drawing display compare to XP pen since I have never use one before. Other than Wacom display tablet.

I will say one thing though it doesn’t feel as natural as drawing on the Ipad Pro for some reason.

Wonder how did Apple managed to do that.

One more crazy thing I have to say…or observe.. is NFT.

The prices and trend of NFT are getting more and more popular, Im working on an NFT myself.

Proud to say. Just that..i don’t have a dateline…yet.

There, now I have justified the purchase of the drawing display. Makes me feel a bit better.

Alright guys. Wrapping it up for this week. Till next time.