My First Month

My first month!

Officially my first month since I started this blog, and my YouTube journey.

Just a quick update on my social media stats,

I currently have around 33 subs, which I think if I average it, its around 1 sub or so per day. I think that’s pretty ok.

I have gained around 2 members for this website. If you are one of my first 2 in my first month. THANK YOU! I hope you find my stuff interesting. Or at least able to help you in some areas.

Gained 1 follower on Instagram. not too bad I think, given that I barely managed it at all….

I have also received some valuable comments on YouTube. Motivating messages from some strangers may seem strange at first, but I’m kind of happy that I get it. its inspiring. Especially when you are just starting out doing something.

Thanks for the messages!

Now for my highlights of the week, I’m still alive! So That’s good news!

For those who wonder what happened, I took my vaccine last week, jokingly tell myself that if I can survive until this week. you guys can check it out on my last post.

Moving on, I decided maybe to add animations to my YouTube video, what do you guys think? I’m still trying to learn to make good animations though. So that might take some time.

That’s it for this update. Even though its my first month but this week has been pretty bland. Not much happening other than work, eat and sleep. But I did come up with a productive system that may help me to do stuff faster. Its not a fool proof system yet. maybe I will do a video or something for it in the future.

Take care!