October October 2021

The time of October has finally come. I always kind of like the month October. it has Octoberfest, and Halloween. which I'm not really participating in both of these events but still, it seems like its a very busy month and entertaining month. not to mention 2 more month until a new year start which is always a good sign. We can at least be motivated for 1 or 2 months after we have set our new year resolution.

But the most important thing about it, its a lot of horror movies usually will show up around these times. Probably because most companies think that October its a good month to really horror movie. since it Halloween month.

and i like a good horror movie, its also been a while since i had watch some good horror movies. I watched Malignant, last week. its ok, its not great. and i dont really consider that as a horror movies. apparently it was produced by James Wan, one of the guy behind the conjuring and the saw franchise. His movie style is there but somehow i had higher hope for Malignant.

Speaking of good horror movies, i personally still find the first Ju-On movie pretty scary, not those remakes that you have seen recently. but the first one, the first Ju-On movie to be release and in original Japanese. the sound of the woman approaching still gives me the creep. Miss the good old time where i just watch the movie alone at night. and I was so afraid but I still insists on watching it until the end.

another movie that I would like to mentioned is paranormal activity, the first one. when i saw it, the first time. the first episode, its pretty unique. its more like psychological horror. the longer that the demon do not show itself, the scarier its gets. do you get me? But when I see the demon face, I felt a sense of relieved. i was like, hmmm. you are that scary after all.

Alright, that's all for this week. happy Halloween guys.