Christmas is just a few days away, i can really feel the holiday mood coming up.

everyone seem to be lacking in the spirit of working and their spirit of holiday is high!

getting ready for small gatherings! just a small and safe gatherings, despite the omicron variant.... we need to be extra careful.. so i foresee that our gathering will be kinda short and quick.

But hey, we have to live also right? not just surviving?

Did i mentioned that i will be also going on a 2-3 days vacation time? locally of course, no plane...talking about plane, i also have this fear of taking a plane for a few years now. but thats another story for another time.

Oh ya, for maybe some of those that are really following me, you might have noticed that i haven't posting anything to my YouTube channel yet,

not because i gave up but rather because im taking my time to properly align myself or should I say readjust my content.

you see, when i just started, i was trying to create a financial animation educational content but now i want to create a truly entertaining animation content, with all the wacky and strange things i can do with animation.

my imagination is my only limit. so ya, it gives me more freedom to express my ideas. with that in mind, i want to keep posting regularly next year. and trying to improve my animation quality at the same time as well.

so look forward guys, we will be seeing each other a lot..

im out * drop mic *