Squid Game

You have probably guess it.... at some point.

Just like any social media creator. we have to make something out of squid game right? right?!

if you somehow are reading this, in the future. know that, the internet these days is all about, squid game. i have seen it almost everywhere. heck I have even made a video about it already.

and let me tell you, I have a couple more videos about squid game coming out...so ya.... bear with me.

About my YouTube channel, it seems that i haven't talked about it for quite some time now. for those who have not subscribed to me on YouTube, I actually make a change in my niche. I'm doing animation now, so I now have the flexibility to talk about even more stuff. but it can't be too random. we still have to follow the YouTube algorithm god right?

I probably will talk less about personal finance stuff, maybe 1 or 2 videos I will talk about if its related to my life. but now mostly, I want to talk the trendy stuff or my Storytime.

because I kind of enjoy animating or animations. its very tedious but the feeling that you get when you finish a video from start to the end. its very satisfying.

that's about it for this one.

squid out!