I got a new toy again! for drawing....

previously i mentioned i had gotten a drawing pad from Huion, but now.

i have gotten a refurbished Ipad Pro, long story short.

My brother broke the screen, no one is going to fix it. i fixed it, so now im using it.

its a 2015 model, 1st generation Ipad Pro. i have gotten a new Apple pen to use with it as well. drawing on it, its great.

but im not sure whether its my screen or because its an old model. its still feel like something is missing. not as natural as it seem. maybe i will upgrade to a Galaxy S7+ in the future. but definitely not now. my tech budget is over for this year.

not going to splurge on unnecessary gadgets. in the end, it might just end up being thrash...

now that i have a better tablet, im planning to get rid of my huawei mediapad m3 soon. it has served me well over all these years. very durable. back then, google was still an official partner with huawei.

that's it for the this weeks update. see you guys around and have a great day.