The Beginning of Everything

Hey guys! And it’s been a while! For those who came back.

This post marks the day that I started my journey into one of the scariest (it can be...) places of all time. The internet.

I started to had the intention of exposure to the net for quite some time now, but for some reason I keep delaying it. Maybe because of work? Laziness? Or just not feeling it, I suppose…
enough with the excuses.

You might be wondering, why start now? My reasons are quite simple,

  1. I’m quite free recently, I might be busy in the future. But since I have started this project, I will be consistent with it and no excuses.
  2. I always wanted to have some exposure in the internet, I do have some values to share to the world but always have some kind of issues finding a suitable platform. but now, regardless of what platform. I have just decided to go with it.
  3. I have some free time to spare, with the pandemic going around. Most people now are not encouraged to go out if its not needed.

I have actually regretted not starting my exposure to the internet sooner, I have always been kind of a private guy.

Just recently I started thinking, what if I have started sooner? When the age of internet begun with YouTube, Instagram, apps? Maybe it will be easier?

Better late than never I guess...

But then I thought to myself, you know, I’m older now, therefore wiser.  I’ve acquired experiences and learn much more skills compare to my younger self. Which I believe only comes with time and I believe, the longer you live the more experiences you will have.

Not all of them are good experiences and advice though. So, beware and use your own judgement.

Even though, I have come to peace with this regret of mine. But it is a fact that I started late and somewhere in the bottom of my heart I have this tiny bit of regret that I can’t get over it.

It wont affect my future though, its just a tiny little bit of that feeling of regret you sometimes recall when you are in the shower or similar situations.