The patient week.

Sorry guys, if i seem late and delays in updating.

A lot of stuff been going this past week. Been having some health trouble as well, so contents are going to be delayed. Luckily nothing serious though. Just went for a health check. An endoscopy procedure to be specific, was told there were some bleeding and inflammation that's about it.

Here is a like

but one thing that i have to say is that, being sedated really feel like time  just passing by without any feeling at all, like you don't even know it just passed. it was like magic. You felt like blinking for a moment the next thing you know. you are awake, with all the procedures done. No idea what they had done to your body. no feeling at all.

compare to when sleeping, at least you felt something right? you might feel like you are barely conscious while sleeping. but you are still maybe just a bit aware about your surroundings.

That's it I have to say for this week guys. will bring more updates next time.