Shares going downhill, BAD MARKET WEEK.

i guess i can only play the long term game now. luckily my portfolio consists mostly of low and average risk shares. but still...losing money is never fun.

But I'm happy to announce that I'm moving up to investing in foreign shares, and man, those fees are high, after calculation, i need to invest a large amount before i can really make a decent profit.

the market I'm looking at it right now, are Hong Kong & US. i found out that Hong Kong has a lot of well known companies but decent share potential. For example, like RAZER stock goes by the code of 1337. for those who don't know, 1337 means elite in gaming term/slang i guess. and razer is a company that sells gaming equipment's.

i used to use their products but for some reason i have move on. Right now, im quite interested in their gaming chair though.


so far review has been good for the chair. but i will test it myself before i say anything else. not that fast though, because i still have a chair that i have been using. maybe when I move out in around 2 years later. since me & my gf bought a condo together. and it will be ready in around 2 years time.

maybe i will shares some of my design for my new place and my new computer or study room? (also known as a man room/woman room for my gf)

oh well, that's it for today. see you guys around and have a nice day.