Vaccine Week

How is it going guys?

My main highlight for this week is that I have been vaccinated, waited for a while before I have decided to just walk in and get it. The waiting time is decent considering that there was a decent amount of people. Quite efficient as well, so guys, appreciate your front liners. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I believe they are working quite hard and everyday they risk spreading the virus to their close family members.

As for the side effects, other being sleepy and tired. There was not much happening. For now…. who knows… maybe I will get some serious side effects on day 5 or something…? nah…. but if you guys don’t see me posting my weekly journal next week…. I’m sure you all know what happened…

Well, joking aside. I went to sleep after I ate some porridge after I got my shot. Afterwards, when I woke up, I felt a bit heavy on my head. Other than that, there isn’t really anything serious. I got better on day 2. And when this has been posted, its going to be day 3. So far so good.

I have started on my exercising routine on my switch but I’m thinking whether I should buy some dumb bells to train my chest to look better. And some kind of lean muscle workout for me.

I have always work out for the purpose of being healthy, good-looking muscle or not, is not really what I’m aiming for. But hey, if I got that as a bonus, I don’t mind about it. But I don’t really feel like taking on this project though, since I just started my YouTube project. I’m quite pack, a lot of things that I have to learn. Will update…again… when doing projects like investment or sitting In front of my computer or something related to my work, I can always conjure my motivation. But somehow, exercising just kind of turn me off and doesn’t provide the high motivation level that I usually have. *sigh*

Why do humans need to exercise…

As for my weekly progress update for my YouTube project. It’s been growing ok, but for these past few days. my channel has stop growing, I have no idea why, it just stopped despite having views. Even 1 or 2 views. I’m already happy. But been sitting at 0 for quite some time now. Maybe the viewers has gotten bored of my video already? No worries though, I have planned out several videos to test and hopefully somehow, I can learn something from that. I think I have posted my 7 videos so far. So still a long way to go. All the best, I guess.

Alright I guess that’s it for today journal. And hopefully I will be able to post my weekly journal next week…I’m joking guys. See you guys next week.